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Nathan Harden Rips Yale for Sasha Grey, Ron Jeremy and Buck Angel Lectures

In a scathing review of the education offered at Yale, alumnus Nathan Harden points to the questionable lecturers and attitude held at the prestigious school.

Tying in his new bookSex & God at Yale: Porn, Political Correctness, and a Good Education Gone Bad, the young critic discusses how there is a growing focus on student sexuality and rampant sexism thriving in the campus.

Harden wonders what people learn from pornographic actors Sasha Grey, Ron Jeremy and Buck Angel lecturing and recalling memorable moments in their X-rated careers.

Along with the actors, he also questions the need for sex toy pageant and fellatio seminars that occur during “Sex Week at Yale.”

An event that invites the world’s largest manufacturers of erotic toys and adult  paraphernalia, Harden claims that it is the product of the school’s steamy relationship with the sex industry. The event isn’t so much an educational experience as an advertisers paradise.

The underlying issue for Harden isn’t the sex itself but the issues of objectification and degradation that females face in Yale.

“No means yes” and “we love Yale sluts” are chants often heard outside of classrooms screening adult films. With an embarrassing high rate of sexual harassment incidents at the school, Harden wonders why Yale is so intent on producing the future leaders of the world but puts no effort on curbing undesirable views or discriminatory actions from their students.

Rather they teach and expose them due to “academic freedom. ”


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