Nasty Comment Leads Florida Woman To Lose 128 Pounds, Start Working At Hooters (Video)

After a Florida woman overheard an intoxicated man make a crack about her size, she lost 128 pounds.

Cearra Swetman was 248 pounds and wearing a Hooters shirt when she overheard a man say, “You don’t look like a Hooter’s girl I’ve ever seen.”

Swetman said it was her “tipping point.”

"I didn't feel attractive, I just felt out of shape and didn't feel good about myself," she told Fox 4.

On her YouTube channel she said she had “severe diabetes that caused me to inject two different types of insulin four different times a day…on top of several oral medications for other obesity-related illnesses.”

She says following a healthy diet and making "better lifestyle choices" changed her life.

A much healthier Swetman now works at a Fort Meyers Hooters. She’s also finishing her undergraduate degree and working part time at a glass and mirror company.

"I will be working toward my Masters in Business soon," she said.

"Don't give up!" she encouraged others. "If you just keep that goal in mind and take small steps, you will get there one day."

"Maybe what he said to me wasn't really so bad," she said of the man who insulted her.

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Sources: New York Daily News, Fox 4 News, new2000.com


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