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Napping Linked to Declining Health, Early Death

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Napping for more than an hour a day could take years off your life, according to a new study conducted by researchers at Cambridge.

Researchers studied 16,000 British adults over the course of 13 years.

Those who slept for an hour or more during the day were a third more likely to die early than those who napped less or not at all. Specifically, those who took longer naps were more likely to die from lung disease, leading researchers to believe that long naps contribute to respiratory ailments by triggering inflammation.

However, the researchers also noted that napping may not be the cause of early death, but rather an indication of declining health early on.

"It remains plausible that napping might be an early sign of system disregulation and a marker of future health problems," the report noted.

A study conducted in China last year found similar results. However, instead of increasing the chance of lung disease, those who napped longer than 30 minutes increased their risk for type two diabetes.

Sources: Newser, DailyMail


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