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Nancy Reagan "Trips," Sen. Marco Rubio Catches; Or Did She Collapse?

A scary moment at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in California Tuesday night -- Nancy Reagan tripped and fell as she was walking down an aisle. Or did she collapse?

Fortunately the 90-year-old former First Lady was walking on the arm of Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, and he was able to catch her. Mrs. Reagan had invited Rubio to speak at her late husband's library.

Mrs. Reagan was not hurt and did not need medical attention.

"She's just fine. Our aisles were crowded and she tripped on a stanchion, but recovered quickly, and we started the program on time," Melissa Giller, a spokeswoman for the library, told CNN.

While Giller claimed the frail-looking Mrs. Reagan tripped, on the video it does not appear that she tripped on anything; instead, it looks more like she collapsed.

Check it out:

Video: Marco Rubio breaks Nancy Reagan's fall:


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