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Naked Yoga Is Trending In The US

Many American yoga enthusiasts have begun practicing a controversial form of the meditative practice: naked yoga. Defenders of this recent trend say that it is a natural extension of yoga while its detractors say that taking off your clothes before doing a downward dog pose is simply an unneeded distraction. Most naked yoga classes are for men only.

Joschi Schwarz, the owner of Le Male Yoga, says that naked yoga is a freeing experience that encourages acceptance and is not sexual in any way. Le Male Yoga added beginner nude yoga classes to their schedule last month. In New York City, Naked Yoga NYC instructors have begun teaching co-ed nude yoga classes. Those classes are still mostly male-dominated, despite being open to members of both sexes, reports The Inquisitr.

Naked yoga classes are offered in Philadelphia, San Francisco and Austin, Texas. This year the Austin Naked Yoga group will host its eighth annual retreat. Last year more than 150 people showed up.

The practice is not appreciated everywhere, though. A Los Angeles woman was arrested for indecent exposure after trying to do nude yoga in a public park last month. North of the American border, Shanti Yoga Studios offers male-only naked yoga classes in the Canadian city of Edmonton.

Some people elect to practice nude yoga in the confines of their homes instead of going to classes. There are online videos and tutorials for those who are interested. Practitioners say that nude yoga gives them heightened feelings of self-acceptance.  

Source: (The Inquisitr)


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