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Naked Chinese Woman Zhang Shih Blockades Ambulance Carrying Husband's Mistress

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

Yesterday, in a scene out of Tiananmen Square, a middle-aged Chinese woman in the nude made a frantic attempt to prevent an ambulance from taking her husband’s injured mistress to the hospital for treatment.

Zhang Shih, 38, allegedly tore off her clothes in a jealous rage and lay down on the ground in front of the emergency response vehicle containing the critically wounded mistress and her 4-year-old daughter, also hurt.

Shih targeted the mistress while the mistress was riding her bike with her young child. Blinded by rage, Shih rammed her car into the mistress and her child knocking both unconscious.

But that wasn’t far enough. This scorned woman was intent on preventing the mistress and her child from receiving any medical attention.

The 4 year old ultimately died from her injuries. The mother is still in critical condition. Shih faces charges of murder and attempted murder, both crimes punishable by death in her eastern China province of Shangdong.


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