"Las Dos" - Breastfeeding Plus Formula - Can Reduce Milk Supply


A little while back the Massachusetts Breastfeeding Coalition was trying to figure out what to do about "las dos."

"Las dos" (literally "the two" or "both") or "las dos cosas" is slang in Spanish for feeding by both breast and bottle. 

While Latinas as a whole breastfeed at higher than average rates (81% vs. 75%, CDC , 2007), exclusive breastfeeding rates remain low (13% at six months, CDC, 2007). I should point out that these numbers don't tell the whole story by any means; different subgroups of Latinas (mothers of Mexican or Puerto Rican descent, for example) breastfeed at very different rates.

Among some Latina moms there is a perception that "las dos" is better for babies than exclusive breastfeeding, for a variety of reasons. And, like in the general population, the Coalition learned through interviews that many moms don't understand that using formula reduces milk supply.

(I'll be doing a talk about this issue at the Massachusetts Breastfeeding Coalition conference in October.  Ask me if I'm nervous.)

So I told my husband that the Massachusetts Breastfeeding Coalition wanted to design a campaign around "las dos." My husband, who is fluent in Spanish said, without missing a beat:  "Las dos?  Those (pointing at my breasts) are the only two you need." Get it? The only two you need?

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I thought that this was clever, and suggested it to the Coalition board.  After some focus grouping and multiple drafts, the Coalition put out the poster you see here!

The slogan doesn't translate as well into English, but it says, "Las dos (breast and bottle)? Mom, you have the only two I need. If you give me formula, you won't produce enough milk for me!  I need only the breast."

So there you have it: real men design breastfeeding slogans.

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