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My Unemployed Husband Acts Like Our Kids

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The recession has affected a lot of Americans, and our family is no exception.

My husband lost his job unexpectedly after the new year, and has just recently (thank you, GOD) started back to work. For a good while he was home with me and our baby daughter. At first, it was great to have him here, but the vacay lasted about a week. Why? Because. He. Drove. Me. Crazy. Honestly, at times it was like dealing with another child! He slept late in the mornings, left dishes in the sink, and generally huffed and puffed when I asked him to do stuff around the house. Since when does a dude gripe about fixing a squeaky door or tightening a couple of loose screws? Don't they love that kind of stuff? I thought most men got high at the idea of bringing out their shiny toolbox! Guess I was wrong.

I also found myself talking to him like one of our older kids when they misbehave: "How many times do I have to ask you to ...?" And once I had to stop myself from counting (something we do for "stop behaviors": "That's 1 ... that's 2 ...." You get the picture) when he was whining about something. Yes, WHINING. I thought grown men were beyond that, too. Wrong again.

I realize I sound like some nagging nightmare of a wife, but that's not who I am. Usually.

During the time he was out of work, I slowly came to realize that the health of our togetherness depended on our time apart -- me doing my thing, him doing his. Previously, we had enjoyed each other's company because weren't in it 24/7 -- that's one of the reasons we've always had such a solid marriage. Thankfully he wasn't lazy about getting work. He was networking and interviewing almost daily, so I was confident he would be back out there soon enough. It took two-and-a-half months, but it happened, and we are finally back on our regular schedule.

Even though it was tough, we did learn a lot about each other. And our marriage is stronger for it.


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