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Woman Learns She Has A Brain Tumor Growing For 20 Years After Getting Into Car Accident (Photos)

A British woman got into a car accident that may have very well saved her life.

Sue Ayton, 48, was on the M25 when she blacked out behind the wheel of her Range Rover and crashed into two other cars, the Daily Mirror reported.

"I was in the outside lane of the motorway doing 70mph when I started to smell burning rubber,” Ayton said. "I thought there was a problem with the car but I now know it was the first symptom of an epileptic fit.

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(Credit: APEX via Daily Mirror)

"I don't clearly recall much about what happened after that," Ayton recalled. "But I believe we started to swerve across the lanes of the motorway and eventually ended up across lane one with one of the Audis pushed up against the driver's side of my car.

"Thankfully nobody was seriously injured but it took a while to be freed from the car," she added.

Ayton was rushed to the hospital where doctors discovered that the mother-of-three had a brain tumor that covered nearly a quarter of the width of her brain.

"I was taken to hospital where I was given a brain scan which revealed a 51/2 cm long tumour in my brain,” Ayton explained. “I was told the tumour had caused me to have an epileptic fit at the wheel.

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(Credit: APEX via Daily Mirror)

“It was the first I'd known of the tumour," she continued. "I'd no real symptoms before that apart from minor ear and eye problems.”

Doctors said the tumor could have been growing for as long as 20 years and would have eventually killed Ayton if it weren’t for the car crash.

"When you're in the middle of something like that you just get on with it the best way you can," Ayton, a managing director of a global research company, said. "I wasn't scared though I could see what effect it was having on those around me.

(Credit: APEX via Daily Mirror)

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"I was told that if the tumour hadn't been spotted then it would just have kept growing and eventually killed me," she explained. "It would have got so big it could have been inoperable.”

It wasn’t long before the Somerset native went back to work.

"Now three weeks later I'm working from home,” Ayton said. "If I hadn't had the crash I wouldn't have known about the tumour. So I call it my happy crash."

Sources: Daily Mirror, ITV News

Photo Credit: Patrick Mannion/Flickr, Lee Haywood/Flickr


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