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Introduce Toddlers to Yoga with This Children's Book and iPhone App

I’m often asked when should children begin to practice yoga. My response is always “They are never too young.” In fact my children began soon after birth and toddlers believe the entire world is their yoga mat while many of their intuitive actions resemble yoga poses.

My First Yoga: Animal Poses by Abbie Davies is a lovely book ideal for the youngest yogis. The book comprises 10 animals poses including Monkey, Flamingo, Dog, Lion, Butterfly and others, accompanied by basic explanations and one major benefit for each. I especially like Mark Dormand’s darling illustrations of the animals and then a child doing the pose on the facing page making it easy to use and understand.

Ideally, this book is suited for children ages 18 months to 3 years old. Older children may find it too simple. Personally I’d love to see a board book version which could withstand the rigors of regular use by busy little people.

There is also a handy iPhone app which provides flashcards of the illustrations in the book along with a narrative. I can definitely see using this in daycare centres and pre-schools or even handing it to your toddlers for them to amuse themselves.

Truly, My First Yoga is a wonderful introduction to yoga and a great way to share mind/body activities with the little ones in your life.


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