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State of California Fines City for Refusing to Fluoridate Water

The city of Watsonville, California is continuing to defy the state's decree that all cities with a population over 10,000 fluoridate their water supply if an outside entity is willing to provide funding for the installation and operation of the facilities necessary.

The voters in that city passed a ban on water fluoridation in 2002 and while the ban was narrowly passed by the city council, one of the city's largest employers is considering moving its facility before it would accept using fluoridated water in its products.

John Martinelli of S. Martinelli & Co., a family beverage business in existence for 142 years, has been quoted as stating that "If half the people in this town don't want to be mass-medicated, then we shouldn't be."

Opponents of water fluoridation come from all sides of the Congressional aisle; some believe that fluoridation is dangerous and the long term effects of ingesting unknown amounts of fluoride has never been studied, while others believe that medicating the masses by force is against the intent of the Constitution.

Regardless of what happens in Watsonville, California, people around the country are becoming impatient with their local water departments, demanding better water quality now. Large and small investments alike in elaborate home water filter systems are becoming commonplace, as consumers as a whole no longer trust what comes out of their tap. Whether it is a large home system that costs thousands of dollars or a counter top berkey water filter such as the berkey light that costs only a few hundred, consumers are spending large amounts of money to get away from what their local government is begging them to believe is safe.

A number of countries have banned or discontinued water fluoridation, including Holland, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, and Switzerland. Water was formerly fluoridated in East Germany, but was discontinued upon Germany's reunification in 1990.


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