'My 600-Lb Life' Contestant Opens Up About Weight Struggles, Personal Life (Video)


TLC, which, in case you forgot, stands for “The Learning Channel,” is back with its third season of My 600-Lb Life. I’m confident we’ll all learn a lot from this.

The premier is on January 7th, and one of the featured participants in the show is a 24-year-old woman named Amber. Amber, like the rest of the show’s participants, will soon be undergoing a gastric bypass operation in a desperate attempt to lose weight.

"I am so limited in what I can do and where I can go," she said in a preview clip. "I feel trapped. I'm miserable."

Amber openly doubts whether she’ll able to pull off the transformation, but says she has no choice but to try.

"Sometimes I think to myself, I'm never gonna change," Amber says. "I feel like a nasty, yucky monster."

Amber says she takes nearly an hour every morning to get out of bed. From there, she struggles to get downstairs where she gives herself a sponge bath. She was once a college student with a job, but her obesity now holds her hostage in her own home. She admitted to camera crews that she’s “killing herself” by overeating but feels trapped in a vicious cycle. This show is her attempt to break that cycle.

To learn more about Amber's story, watch this preview:

Soures: MailOnline, TLC / Photo Credit: Screenshot


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