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Must-See TV? Hosts Eat Each Other's Flesh

The next time you complain about how bad American television is, be thankful you don't have to watch the tube in the Netherlands, where two hosts ate each other's flesh.

According to Reuters, it seems TV host Valerio Zeno always wondered what human flesh would taste like after seeing the movie "Alive," the true story of plane crash victims who ate each other to stay, well, alive.

Zeno apparently found a kindred spirit in fellow host Dennis Storm. The pair consulted a butcher to determine which parts of the human body are the most tasty and then somehow found a doctor to go along and perform the surgery. He removed strips of muscle from Storm's left buttock cheek and Zeno's abdomen.

A chef fried it all up, and to make the experience even worse, he served the flesh with a side order of asparagus. Then they dined as an audience watched Wednesday night on the Dutch TV channel BNN.

Zeno described eating Storm's rump to noshing on a car tire, so one can assume Zeno has eaten a car tire in his lifetime.

However some think this is all a hoax, and there is precedent on the network -- a 2007 BNN "donor show" in which an old woman would donate a kidney to one of three contestants turned out to be phony.

But this one is real, claimed BNN press officer Thijs Verheij. Zeno and Storm also showed the scars from their purported surgeries.

By the way, cannibalism is legal in the Netherlands. Cannibalism and marijuana -- what a country.


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