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Adoptive Mother Fights to Get Rid of Autistic Daughter

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A terribly sad story from Romania involving a teen autistic girl adopted at a young age and now seemingly rejected by the adopting family.

Mihaela Popa adopted the girl aged 18 months in 1999 but claims doctors failed to tell her she was suffering from the developmental disability. She has now asked a court to overturn the adoption so she can get rid of the teenager.

This poor young girl has also been abandoned by her own parents at birth and now faces a massively uncertain future.

Of course the reversal must happen – who would want that poor girl to be saddled with a parent who didn’t want her? – but this adopting ‘parent’ should not, in my opinion, escape this sordid episode without some form of censure. At the absolute least, one would hope she would be banned from ever being allowed to adopt again.

Some people simply don’t deserve to be parents.


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