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Video: Yoga Hand Positions Can Help Calm You

This video is part of a series of three videos which will offer two mudras as a way to ground yourself through the holidays, and are part of my Holiday Toolbox! If you are not interested in watching the video, simply read on, and you will get the same information

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The tools that I offer focus a lot on the engagement of your whole self. The mudras are not so much about concentrating on one practice but on using all of your self, most importantly your senses, simply because some of us get stuck in one place- usually our brains! This way we can truly embody what is necessary to transform our lives into the best that we can be.

A Key To Calm Down

There are times that I’m so overwhelmed or so in my head that for the life of me, no matter how hard I try to settle and essentially calm down, I can’t. What I have found for myself is that if I engage physically: a yoga posture, a mudra, I drink a cup of my favorite tea, or even listen to my favorite podcast or music and take a brisk walk, I don’t have to work so hard to get my inner self to shift.

There have been times when I do these physical actions, this embodying, and I create the space necessary to really start to break patterns of behavior inside of myself and I can then work in my brain, within my mind to attune to the finesse of tools that we all have within our selves.

Does that make sense?

So, given that I’ll be offering two mudras for your holiday tool-belt. I’m not totally gonna get into what mudras are or what their power is, suffice it to say that they are in my words a Connection Enhancer and Remembrance, which is really what these tools are all about.

As much as it would be lovely to practice these mudras in a seated position, quietly in some perfect place, you don’t have to, to receive their gifts. Find a quiet space in your day, wherever you are, in your car, in the bathroom, in your room, whatever

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I’d love to get your feedback. Why don’t you leave me a comment?

Also, come back for the other two videos! I’ll be releasing them within the next few days!


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