MTV Won't Run Heroic Media Television Ads


Well, I finally came up with a reason to watch MTV.  The television channel may finally make up a little for launching the career of Wisconsin Rep. Sean Duffy by announcing it will turn down any ads that Heroic Media attempts to purchase during their shows.

The Florida Independent writes:

At an April 30 anti-abortion fundraiser in Bethesda, Md., headlined by Sarah Palin, Heroic Media announced that this spring’s Northeast marketing campaign would include television ads on MTV and BET, but an MTV spokesperson has since told The American Independent that it would not be airing the Heroic Media ads due to the organization’s recent billboard campaign that has sparked controversy.

The network aired two television ads – “Teen Angst” and “We Can Help” — from May to November 2010, always after midnight, but according to MTV spokesperson Jeannie Kedas, MTV decided not to accept more Heroic Media spots in a recent media buy. Kedas provided the official MTV statement: “Upon further review, it was hard for us [MTV] to separate some of the recent tactics of the organization behind the campaign and the ads themselves, so we have opted to not accept them for air this time.”

Now the question is what do they have to do to make up for turning Jenny McCarthy into a celebrity?  That might take a little more effort.


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