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Mr. Noodles: How to Prevent Erectile Dysfunction

Me:  “Mr. Noodles, your last blood test shows that your sugars are about 200 on average.  Are you taking your metformin twice a day as prescribed?”

Mr. Noodles:  “I have to admit, Doc, that I have been skipping a few doses here and there.”

Me:  “A ‘few doses’? How many days a week do you forget to take it?”

Mr. Noodles:  “Ummmm….about five times a week.”

Me:  “Five times?!  How about the cholesterol medicine I prescribed?  Your electronic chart reports that you never picked it up?”

Mr. Noodles:  “Yeah, I haven’t started taking it yet, either.”

Me:  “How about the baby aspirin?  Did you start taking that at least?”

Mr. Noodles:  “Ummm…no.  No, I haven’t, Doc.”

Me:  “Well, gosh, Mr. Noodles, then what made you come in here today?”

Mr. Noodles:  “Well, I’m here because I’m having some issues with…well…performing.”

Me:  “You’re having problems with maintaining your erections, Mr. Noodles?”

Mr. Noodles:  “Yes, exactly.  Why do you think this could possibly be happening, Doc?!  I can’t figure it out!”

About 50% of men over the age of fifty report experiencing erectile dysfunction, and only about 10% regain the functioning that they lost. 

Poor diabetes control results in damage to the nerves and blood vessels that feed the male genital system, and eventually cause problems with normal male sexual functioning.

What is the best way to improve male sexual dysfunction in those with diabetes? Prevention!  Work closely with your doctor to control your blood sugars in order to prevent this damage in the very first place!


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