Move Over Pilates, Hottie Body Hump Club is Here


I’m a huge fan of two things. First, fusion workouts where you combine one exercise with another. (What can I say? It goes along with my exercise A.D.D.!) Second? Crass humor. And I’m happy to say that today’s FitWit includes both of these elements.

I originally saw this clip from Jimmy Kimmel Live on FitSugar, and, well, we just had to share because it’s really that funny…and bawdy. Plus, you won’t believe the number of celebs who make cameos—literally humping their way to better bodies and getting serious laughs along the way. Warning: For those of you at the office or around small children, the following video is hilarious yet not so suitable for work or kiddos’ eyes!

Can’t see the video? Click here to see what Humpilates is all about.

Oh, how we love you and your short shorts, Jimmy K! —Jenn


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