Mountain Mama: Maternity Clothes for Hikers and Campers

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Thought this first ever line of technical maternity apparel for active pregnant women would be of interest. Founded by an outdoor industry veteran who is passionate about her adventures, Mountain Mama fills the gap between casual maternity wear and technical clothing for the millions of women who live in performance clothing… except when they are pregnant.

Launching Fall/Holiday 2010, this flagship collection is comprised of innovative garments that combine cutting-edge material and innovative design to provide comfort and style through every stage of pregnancy.

Mountain Mama founder Teresa Delfín has gone as far as to create her own fabrications in order to get the fit and function just right. EstiraTec is a proprietary fabric with enough stretch to go from washboard abs to baby belly and back… The Bellyglove design is a good example with a curved, shirt-front hem that eliminates up-drafts, unflattering draping, and peek-a-boo bellies. Plus, many of her styles like the Wrap fleece jacket and Trinity Pants are adjustable for all stages of pregnancy… including post-partum.

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