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Mothers Shocked Principal Keeps Her Job After Dragging Their Kids Around School (Video)

Parents say Connecticut principal Carmen Perez Dickson shouldn’t be allowed to keep her job after she was caught on camera in 2012 dragging their children around the hallway of Jettie Tisdale Elementary School.

The parents of the two kindergartners said they had no idea the incident happened until they were notified by the Department of Children and Families. They say the kids were too afraid to speak up.

The mother of a 5-year-old girl, who was rough-handled, dragged, picked up and dropped by Dickson, says her little girl just didn’t want to be there.

“She didn’t really want to go to school,” Nakeya Hargrove told WTNH. “She was probably afraid of the principal after the incident.”

“She dragged my daughter like she was some type of animal,” Hargrove said of Dickson.

The school superintendent recommended Dickson be fired, but the school board rejected it. Dickson was put on suspension and when she returns she will be eligible to serve as principal at Tisdale and other schools.

“I feel she should’ve gotten fired. The Bridgeport Board of Education saw it and they should’ve fired her,” Hargrove said.

The other mother, who did not want to be identified, told WTNH the teacher “does deserve anything, her freedom, nothing.”

“He didn’t do anything to make her do that to him,” she added.

“We voted these people into office, and we expect them to do their jobs and their first priority should be protection our children,” said Jose Torres of the Bridgeport Parents Initiative.

“She does not need to be working anymore. I am appalled at what’s going on and we are going to handle it,” Hargrove said.

Sources: WTNH, NBC Connecticut


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