Mothers Can Now Test for Postpartum Depression Over Phone


In an effort to make postpartum depression testing more accessible to women, a U.S. insurance company is offering such tests over the phone.

This new free examination will be available to any women in the U.S. through her doctor. It will be delivered over the phone, and will send a report on the patient’s session to her doctor’s office. This test will be used to determine the patient’s mental health status, what actions should be taken by the doctor and any other relevant information.

After the woman takes her over-the-phone exam, the results would be faxed over to the doctor’s office. If, for whatever reason, red flags were raised during the testing, the doctor would receive and immediate call.

This test, known as the Edinburgh Postpartum Depression Scale, is known as the standard medical examination for postpartum depression. Because the test is taken by the patient, it does not need to be administered by a doctor. The test does, however, need medical interpretation – and a physician must be able to receive the results.

Postpartum depression often occurs in women who have just given birth. It may occur as quickly as right after delivery, or up to a year later. If it goes untreated, the depression can interfere with mother-child bonding and cause numerous family problems.


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