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Mother Who Underwent Several Amputations After Car Crash Wakes From Coma

A young mother struck by another car on Mother's Day has woken from a coma after an alleged misdiagnosis that caused her to lose her arms and legs, WJBK reported. 

Sade Hamilton from Detroit was 20 years old when was hit by a car on May 15, and later rushed to Oakwood Hospital in Dearborn. 

"It t-boned her on the passenger side, she had to be cut out of the car," Brian Gamage, Sade's fiancé, said. 

Gamage had gone to the hospital to be alongside Sade, who suffered from a broken pelvic bone and a punctured bladder. Sade was due for surgery, but a mishap made her health take a turn for the worse. 

"I left about 11 that night, I told her I love her," he said. "(I told her) I would be back to visit her in the morning and I get a call the following morning that she was sick after the surgery and that her heart stopped. 

Brian says that her heart stopped six times during surgery. 

"The very last time her heart stopped I was right there."

Complications from surgery caused Sade to lose her right arm below the elbow, her fingers on her left hand, and her legs below the knee.

After a two-month coma, Sade is steadily progressing. 

Her family calls her a long time survivor, a role she had to take on at a very young age after she lost her parents.

"She went into foster care at 3," Sade's brother Robert Sharpe said. "And she just had a traumatic life."

Her family praises her for keeping her head high as she recovers. 

"She knows the situation; she is not too broken down about it. Her spirit is a lot higher than you would think," Gamage said.  

Determined to keep Sade focused on her recovery, her family set up a GoFundMe page to help with medical expenses and the cost of raising her 5-month-old baby, Braylon. 

"These bills could end up in the hundreds of thousands, maybe over a million in the long run," her brother said. 

The GoFundMe page includes a description of Sade's situation, and points to  the financial troubles Sade may have as she aged out of Michigan's foster care system on Aug. 7, her 21st birthday. 

Her family has also hired a lawyer on her behalf, but no legal action has been taken. 

Sources: WJBK, GoFundMe

Photo Credit: WJBK via WTXF


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