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Mother Told To Cover Up Before Breastfeeding On An Airplane

Gemma Leung, 27, was going to breastfeed her 8-month-old daughter, Ruby-Bow, but she never got the chance. 

On an EasyJet flight back to the U.K. following a business trip in Spain, Leung was told by a flight attendant that she would have to cover up with a blanket while breastfeeding. 

Another flight attendant later approached Leung and apologized, but Leung said she was too embarrassed by the incident to follow through with breastfeeding. 

“I’m totally outraged,” Leung told Metro. “It ruined the whole trip for me and my mum. It’s just not right.”

Leung, a mother of two, complained to EasyJet’s customer care team, but she said she hasn’t received an apology. 

EasyJet later apologized publicly and said they allow breastfeeding during their flights.

“The crew member was immediately corrected by another member of crew who apologized to Mrs. Leung,” an EasyJet spokesman said. “This does not reflect EasyJet’s policy on breastfeeding.”

Leung was still upset. “I just don’t want this to happen again and I want them to apologize to me,” she said. “I was so shocked because we have used EasyJet for years and never had a problem.”

Source: Metro / Image via Metro


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