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Mother Warns Parents About Lyme Disease After Facebook Post Helps Detect Disease On Her Son (Photo)

A U.K. mother is trying to raise awareness about a disease that afflicted her 1-year-old boy.

Karen McGregor noticed some odd rashes on her baby boy’s temples, legs and arms, the Huffington Post UK reported. She was scrolling through Facebook one day when she came across a post that highlighted symptoms of Lyme disease and noticed some similarities.

She took her boy to the hospital and doctors diagnosed the child with the disease she had read about on Facebook, according to the Huffington Post UK.

Lyme disease is a form of arthritis usually caused by bacteria transmitted by ticks. Luckily, McGregor was able to detect the disease early on and her son was given antibiotics and is currently recovering.

"I am so grateful for the post similar to this one that I saw three days ago… a post that potentially has saved my son's life,” McGregor wrote on Facebook on June 20. "Yesterday I noticed a spot on his temple that looked a lot like a bullseye – the bullseye I had seen in a post about a little girl who was diagnosed with Lyme Disease.

"I phoned our doctor as soon as they opened yesterday and got him in quickly," she continued. "Within a few hours, more and more of these bullseye spots were showing up on his face, legs and arms."

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The post, which warns other parents to look out for the disease, has been shared more than 180,000 times. McGregor said she is grateful to the person who posted about the disease in the first place and is hoping her post will help save another child.

"I encourage everyone to watch for these spots!" she continued. "They look just like a bullseye, and had it not been for the post I read, I never would have known it was something more than a simple rash caused by being the long grass!

"We are now waiting and hoping and praying that nothing else comes of this," the post read. "The list of things we are watching for is scary – not a list I ever expected to have to watch my kids for, but I am grateful for the fact that we likely caught this in time!"

According to the National Health Service, there are about 2,000 to 3,000 new cases of Lyme disease in England and Wales every year. The disease is usually treated effectively if detected early on. If treatment is delayed, one could be at risk for developing severe and long-lasting symptoms.

Sources: Huffington Post UK, Facebook

Photo Credit: Facebook, Wikipedia


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