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Mother Goes In For Simple Surgery, Wakes Up Looking Like This (Photo)

A Chicago woman was left with extensive scars after being "left for dead" following a tummy tuck surgery that went wrong.

Quanna Brown said she decided to get the surgery after giving birth and losing self-confidence.

"I’d never had surgery before so at first I thought it was normal," she told Metro of what she felt when she woke up. "I could smell it and I could see all this pus and blood like it was infected."

Brown says she spent 50 days in hospital and underwent five more surgeries to correct the catastrophic results of the tummy tuck. 

As a result of the botched procedure, the 34-year-old was left with a deformed-looking stomach. She said she did plenty of research before deciding on the doctor who performed the surgery.

"I was very happy on the day of the surgery. I woke up bright and early and I was very excited, I went shopping, I wanted something new to wear after," she said.

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"The doctor said he’d never seen anything like this before and gave me antibiotics. But my parents demanded that they fix me. My insides were opened and I was ripped. He redid the wounds and sent me home. The next time I went back in wasn’t there and his partner looked at me but also sent me home afterwards."

Brown was taken to the emergency room the following day after being unable to move. 

"They saved my life," she said of the emergency room doctors. "I barley remember it. I just remember one of the doctor’s face, she was looking so angry at what happened to me."

"When I got released from hospital, I wasn’t able to walk straight and I was on a cane, I was back and forth in hospital with blood clots, I spent two more weeks in hospital and I still wasn’t feeling well, and I had to do something," she added.

"My turning point came when my daughter asked for a bowl of cereal and I couldn’t get it for her."

Brown said she's now pregnant with her third child.

"‘I take care of my kids, they are my main concerns. I’m excited for my miracle baby and I am excited to just be alive," she said. 

Many readers expressed sympathy for the mother and what she went through.

"This is unacceptable that this happened to you!!! So sorry you had to endure this. I hope that dr isn't practicing anymore," one MommyPage reader commented on the site's Facebook page.

"My heart goes out to you," another added. "OH YES you should sues that Doctor for and do it NOW. YOU GO FOR IT GIRL. May God bless you." 

Sources: MetroMommyPage/Facebook / Photo credit: CMSRC/Wikimedia CommonsMommyPage/Facebook

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