U.K. School Gives 13-Year-Old Girl Contraceptive Implant Without Parental Consent


A mother in England found herself in an uproar after she found out her 12-year-old daughter received a contraceptive implant at school without her knowing.

One year after Layla Rylands was given the hormone-releasing implant at her Hull City school, her mother Bernadette Jessop was shocked to find out that it occurred without her knowledge.

“I felt sick,” she said. “The school asked not long ago for consent for her to watch a film about sex. I didn’t give it until I knew what it contained, yet I don’t get the chance to the implant?”

The school 13-year-old Layla Rylands attends – the Ashwell Academy -- is for students with “complex needs,” according to the Mirror.

Sexual health workers from the city council visited her daughter’s school to teach them about contraception.

According to the news site, if the workers found the students “competent” to decide on the contraceptive, the parents are not notified.

"How can you deem a child with problems competent?" Layla's mother, Bernadette Jessop asked, acording to the Mirror.

A chairman of governors at the school, Eunice Evans, said that it was for the welfare of their students saying, “The academy has a duty of care to students.”

The contraceptive implant is a matchstick-sized rod that is inserted under the skin in the arm. It prevents pregnancy by releasing a series of hormones that prevents the egg from leaving the ovaries.

The implant can cause irregular bleeding as well as more serious side effects like nausea, yellowing skin, and serious bleeding.

While this issue is being dealt with in England, some schools in the United States offer a much more conservative view on contraception. In fact, a group of North Carolina lawmakers are attempting to introduce legislation that would stop emergency contraception from being taught in schools, RH Reality Check reports.

Source: The Mirror, RH Reality Check, PlannedParenthood.org

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons, telegraph.co.uk


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