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Mother Finds Hurtful Notes About Son With Autism On Her Car (Photos)


A mother in Utah was shocked to discover hurtful notes left on her car that were directed toward her young son with autism.

Eliese Livingston, a mother in Sandy, Utah, left her car on the street in her neighborhood last Tuesday. On the window of the car was a sticker that read, “Autistic Child: May Not Respond To Verbal Commands.”

When Livingston returned to her car on Tuesday night, she discovered that somebody in her neighborhood had left notes next to the autism awareness sticker with the phrases “spoiled brat” and “undisciplined” written on them. 

“I feel like they were attacking autistic children in general,” she said. “It's just appalling, all of it. He will struggle for his entire life and people want to make fun of it?"

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Livingston’s son, Kyler, was diagnosed with autism, as well as three other developmental disorders, over the course of five years. The disorders left him limited verbal skills and poor understanding. 

“I have no idea what he's saying and he doesn't know what I'm saying," Livingston said. “Autism is definitely a challenge."

The outraged mother reportedly searched the neighborhood to try to find the person that defaced her car with the hurtful messages, but was unable to locate them.

“If they have a problem, they can come talk to me,” she said.

Livingston reported the vandalism to the police following the incident. 

Sources: The Stir, KSL / Photo credit: KSL


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