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Mother Draws Red Mark On Face Every Morning for Incredible Reason (Photos)


A caring mother draws a red spot on her face with lipstick every single day as a way to encourage her daughter to be proud of her "strawberry" birthmark.

Jessica Sands, a 24-year-old mother of two, began drawing the mark below her eye after a hemangioma — a lump created from a collection of blood vessels under the skin — appeared on her 7-month-old daughter Madison’s face, Mirror reports.

"I chose to draw a strawberry mark on my face to show Madison that when she gets older she should show hers off with pride,” Sands told Mirror. 

“Wearing the mark makes me feel really proud, like we are the same; she's not seen as different as I look the same as she does.

"The red mark I've put on my face will make her realize it's completely normal and that it doesn't change who she is [as] a person, so it shouldn't matter.

"When she's older, I want to continue putting the mark on as she will be more aware that I'm supporting her.”

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The benign lump first appeared when Madison was 2 months old, and has grown in size since then. 

“If it continues to grow, it could cause problems with her sight, and that's the only reason I'd opt for surgery,” Sands said.

“I want her to make the decision whether she wants it removed or not; I personally don't see anything wrong with her strawberry mark.

"Some people say that children with strawberry marks have been 'kissed by an angel,' which I find really sweet."

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Sands said that some people stare at her daughter in disgust or with concern for her well-being due to the birthmark.

“Madison is too young to know that she's being stared at, but it will most likely be there when she's older,” she said.

“In my eyes, there's nothing for her to be ashamed of; it's just a cosmetic difference. People have tattoos, piercings and even metal bars through their face, so I don't see why they should be disgusted by something someone's born with.

“She's still the same beautiful daughter to me, whether she has the strawberry mark on her face or not.”

One in 10 babies are reportedly affected by hemangiomas.

Sources: Mirror, Mad World News / Photo credit: Mirror


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