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Mother Discovers 'Wormlike Insects' In Baby's Diaper

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A mother in Ontario, Canada, received quite the surprise when she discovered three “wormlike” bugs crawling in her daughter’s diaper.

Alicia Groot talked to reporters on how she found the insects in her 8-month-old daughter Sierra’s diaper.

“She was fussier than normal,” Groot said. “I thought she might be sitting on it. So I picked her up and that’s when I saw three of them.”

Groot then took a few photos of the insects and posted them on Facebook “to see if any other moms knew what they were,” reported The Huffington Post.

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Nikki Marshall, another mother from Ontario, saw Groot’s photos and remembered when her family found similar insects four months earlier.

According to Marshall, her husband had discovered an insect crawling in her daughter’s diaper as well.

“He actually thought it was a maggot,” said Marshall.

Upon further inspection, the couple discovered more insects in their baby’s Huggies diaper box. Marshall snapped a few photos and brought one of the insects in a plastic bag to their doctor’s office. The doctor told her to report the matter to Huggies.

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Hearing of Marshall’s incident with the insects, the families discovered similarities between their incidents. Both Marshall and Groot had purchased size 3 Huggies diapers in Ontario.

As such, Groot now surmises the bugs came from the diapers.

“I had just changed her diaper and they came from where she was sitting,” she said. “It’s the exact same bug that was in (Nikki Marshall’s) pictures for sure, 100 percent.”

There have been numerous other reports of Huggies diapers with insects allegedly inside them, including a case in the Canadian city of Yellowknife where a mother discovered “wormlike insects” in her baby’s diaper.

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Kimberly-Clark, the makers of the diapers, have since compensated the Yellowknife mom with a pre-paid debit card.

Kimberly-Clark representative Bob Brand made a statement saying, “If you would see the manufacturing process for a diaper you would realize it’s almost impossible for an insect or a bug to survive that process ... We certainly have seen complaints over the years. It’s distressing if you’re a mom or a consumer to discover that and we take it very seriously.”

Brand also went on to say that each complaint will be investigated, though Marshall’s case was dismissed because the family did not keep the original box with the product code.

“We were disgusted, sad and freaked out,” Marshall said. “Your emotions go through the roof, because you don’t know what they are, you don’t know if they got into your kids. No one has contacted me and said, 'This is what it is.'"

She added, “Always check your diapers.”

Source: The Huffington Post, CBC

Photo Credit: The Huffington Post, CBC


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