Mother Defends Breast-Feeding Her Toddler, Urges Others To Do The Same (Video)


A recent video from a breast-feeding advocate, uploaded to her YouTube channel Spiritual Tasha Mama, defends her choice to breast-feed her 3-year-old son, while encouraging other mothers to do the same (video below).

Tasha and her son are featured in the video, sitting on a couch. She asks her son to lay down and breast-feed while she talks to viewers.

He agrees, adding that the camera is “scaring” him.

“The benefits of breast-feeding your older ones are, I mean, this, skin to skin,” Tasha says in the video.

After a needed break to speak with her son who is misbehaving on camera, she returns with him feeding on her breast and continues to explain why she believes breast milk is best for older children.

“Milk from a cow is for a baby cow, not a baby human,” Tasha tells her son.

“Why?” her son asks, referring to the common practice of drinking cow's milk by children.

“Because people on the TV and the media tell them that it’s good for them. Get your vitamin C, get your calcium, strong bones,” she says.

“That’s not how you get strong bones,” her son adds.

“You are correct,” Tasha responds.

The pair go on to discuss the benefits of eating vegan -- a diet without any animal products -- before returning to the discussion of breast-feeding a toddler.

“If you want to restart feeding your toddler, 2-year-old, 3-year-old … You just have to imagine, literally, literally, just imagine milk coming out of your breast and feeling that you can do this by imagining a white beam coming in through the top of your head, going through your body and down and out through your breasts,” Tasha says.

“There’s so many cancers and crazy things going on, and there’s a lot more than meets the eyes, It’s not only physical, it’s emotional, it’s mental, and a strong bond, and a strong breast-feeding bond with your baby is definitely going to set your baby, or your child, up to be the best that they can be. The love and care, nurture and support, the health, the emotional support, the physical support, it is beyond powerful, I think.”

Tasha urges mothers to let go of physical appearance worries, like sagging breasts, and do “what’s best for our kids, they deserve it.”

She adds: “It’s time to get back to the truth, you all.”

The video is accompanied by a description written by Tasha that reads:

“Too much protein, when eating an animal heavy in dead animal and animal excretions leads to calcium leaching from your bones to digest and alkalize the acidic body. We only need 2.5 percent of protein in our diets to thrive.

“If you are NOT starving, odds are you are getting enough protein. Here is a video to educate you on PROTEIN and give you the TRUTH about PROTEINS!!! ( this is a great video to wake up from all the social conditioning and mind control the masses have been under for long enough).”

During a video Tasha posted in November, she advocates to breast-feed children until they are 8 years old, stating they can only benefit.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends exclusively breast-feeding a baby for the first six months. After that time, the organization suggests continuing to breastfeed for one year or longer as mutually desired by mother and infant, while introducing complementary foods.

NOTE: Video shows a breast-feeding mother.

Sources: Spiritual Tasha Mama on YouTube(2)American Academy of Pediatrics / Photo credit: Screenshot/YouTube

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