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Mother-To-Be Told She's Dying Of Cancer Just Days Before Son's Birth

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A mother in England was told just days before giving birth to her son that she was dying of cancer.

Annie Marston gave birth to her son, Wyatt, on Dec. 20 of last year — just days after finding out that she was suffering from cervical cancer. 

Marston got pregnant in the spring of last year, and all seemed to be well until she began to experience bleeding near the end of her pregnancy. Doctors became concerned after being unable to locate the bleeding, and further tests revealed a large tumor in her cervix.

“The doctors told me I should have never got pregnant because the tumour [sic] was completely covering my cervix,” she said. “If I had gone into labour [sic] naturally both me and my baby would have died. It was a really crazy moment when we realised [sic] that our son was a miracle. When I was told my first reaction was 'What's going to happen with my baby?' I couldn't focus on the cancer, I was thinking about my son's wellbeing. He had been lying next to a tumour for eight months and I was worried it could harm him."

Marston soon began chemotherapy and, in April of this year, began radiation treatment. The treatment initially seemed to be working, but in July it was discovered that the cancer had spread to her liver. She was told she has only weeks to live.

Now, Marston is focused on marrying Wyatt’s father, Scott Benton, next month in front of friends and family. The pair has been together for eight years.

“After the diagnosis I said to Scott: 'I want to be a family, I want to be a Benton, I want us all to have the same name,’” she said. “It is also a real comfort to my family and gives them something other than the cancer to focus on. I want to be well enough for my wedding to have my first dance with Scott, and to eat my meal and enjoy it."

Marston is also determined to spend as much time with her family as possible while she still can.

“I want to spend time doing normal things with my family,” she said. “I want to take Wyatt swimming, which I haven’t been able to do, and to take him to feed the ducks. I also want to take him to the zoo, even though he’s only seven months old.”

Marston and Benton launched a GoFundMe page, where supporters can donate to help make the wedding possible.

Sources: Daily Mirror, Metro, GoFundMe / Photo credit: Daily Mirror


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