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Mother Abandons Family Because Her Kids Are Overweight

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A mother in England reportedly abandoned her family because she was unable to handle the stress of caring for her overweight children.

The children’s distraught father, 45-yer-old Nicolae Marginean, said his kids’ mother abandoned them while they were seeking help to get in shape and lose weight. Madison, 8, weighs 184 pounds, 7-year-old Denisa is 90 pounds, and 4-year-old Andrei weight 99 pounds, the Mirror reports.

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Marginean said his ex-partner offered to take only one of the children before ultimately leaving all three with their father. He is now the children’s sole caretaker, and said that his kids’ weight issues have worsened since the split because he can no longer afford to buy healthy food.

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“I didn't want my children to be separated, so when she refused the others I kept all of them,” Marginean told the Mirror. “She said she couldn't cope with the stress of three overweight children and their special needs and wanted to have her life back.

“Doctors told us my children would have serious problems if they did not lose weight, and gave us a diet of things to avoid,” he continued. “But the things we can't eat are the only things we can afford, so we have had to go back to eating unhealthy foods. In addition, my children miss their mother and so they are putting on even more weight.”

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According to 7-year-old Denisa, she spends most of her time at home due to constant bullying and teasing at school.

“My classmates laugh at me. They say I’m fat and poor and nobody wants anything to do with me," she told the Mirror.

Childhood obesity is a worldwide issue that has gotten significantly worse in the U.S. as of late, though in England a recent study found that obesity rates amongst children under 10 years old were beginning to level off.

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