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Most Depressing Day of the Year is January 21, "Blue Monday"

According to one psychologist's scientific formula, the most depressing day of the year falls on January 21, 2013. 

Titled "Blue Monday," UK psychologist Cliff Arnall determined the day in 2005. He created a formula to discover it, taking into account various issues that can cause depression. Turns out, the most depressing day of each year is the third Monday in January. 

Arnall told the Telegraph there are multiple reasons for this blue day. On top of it being a Monday, the 21st is usually around the time when holiday bills are due, New Year's resolutions are falling apart, and the weather is pretty freezing and gloomy. 

But Arnall's "scientific" claim has been questioned, as it was first created as part of a marketing campaign for a travel company. 

Also, knowing the most depressing day of the year isn't exactly something that could help any particular person. Arnall is aware that naming the day "depressing" is sort of useless. He instead likes to think of the day as a good time for people to re-examine their lives. 

He said, "I'm pleased about the impact if it means people are talking about depression and how they feel, but I'm also encouraging people to refute the whole notion of there being a most depressing day."

Arnall wants us to instead see the day as a "springboard for the things that really matter in life" and to remember what's important to us.


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