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Most Americans Don't Like Obamacare, Are Ignorant About Obamacare, Says Poll

The Kaiser Family Foundation recently released a new poll on Obamacare, which shows most Americans don't like Obamacare, which they don't understand to begin with.

The poll shows that 54 percent of the American public have an unfavorable view of Obamacare, while 34 percent have a favorable view.

But digging deeper into the poll results shows an astounding amount of ignorance and enormous lack of logic on behalf of the American people.

Mother Jones reports that 27 percent now say that Obamacare has "negatively affected" someone in their family, which isn't not even statistically possible because Obamacare has not even affected 27 percent of Americans yet.

What's more likely is that people have had their insurance premiums raised, which has happened every year for decades, but now they are now blaming Obamacare and giving the health insurance companies a free pass.

According to, another shocking number in the poll is that 62 percent of Americans believe that only parts of Obamacare have gone into effect, even though most of the law went into effect on Jan. 1, 2014.

The poll also reveals more staggering stupidity: 10 percent of Americans (30 million) don't even know that Obamacare is in effect at all.

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