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Morning Roundup: South Dakota Proposes Justifiable Homicide of Abortion Providers

A change to the justifiable homicide statute in South Dakota, find free condoms with your iPhone app in New York City, a quick run-through of five bad abortion bills, NARAL plans to take fight to the grassroots, and Sarah Palin is too feminist?

  • Legislators in South Dakota have proposed a law that would make a homicide justifies if that person was attempting to harm an unborn child. What does that mean? It means that South Dakota is attempting to legalize the murder of abortion providers. Read more in Kate Sheppard’s  Mother Jones piece.
  • Need a free condom? There’s an app for that! The New York City health department has launched apps for the iPhone and the Android that allow a user to see five nearby places where they can get free condoms.
  • If you’re not familiar with The Week magazine, it boils down serious issues to back-of-cereal box size for easy digestion by readers. In a recent issue, the periodical looks at  five “controversial” abortion debates. I think I’d rephrase that to “five radical assaults on women’s autonomy.”
  • Women’s and abortion right’s groups are planning on taking the Republican “War on Contraception” to their grassroots activists. Huffington Post reports that NARAL is asking its members to contact their representatives to find out where they stand on cutting access to contraceptives.
  • Sarah Palin is too damn feminist, says an old curmudgeon columnist for the Daily Caller. Also, apparently she’s in with the “radical” National Organization for Women. I’m sure NOW would like more information on that one.

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