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Morning Roundup: Research Says Sonograms Don't Change Women's Minds

Sonograms don't prevent abortions, former PP clinic manager joins Live Action, listen to an interview with Cecile Richards, and a roundup of columns on the "war on women."

  • Anti-choice legislators can ignore science like nobody’s business, especially when it comes to abortion. Although studies say that women don’t change their mind about having an abortion after seeing a sonogram of the fetus or embryo, that’s not stopping anti-choicers from forcing women to see and listen to a description of the ultrasound before a pregnancy termination.  
  • A former Planned Parenthood clinic manager has joined Lila Rose at Live Action. Abby Johnson, who also recently wrote a book about her “conversion” to being anti-choice, will be Chief Research Strategist.
  • Have a listen (or read) to Democracy Now’s interview with PPFA President Cecile Richards on the topic of radical abortion restrictions proposed by the US House of Representatives and various states.
  • There are so many pieces a day on the Republican-led “war on women,” it’s hard to keep up. Here are a few from the past couple of days. The Kentucky Kernel,

I see no respect in denying individuals the right to reasonably priced, medically necessary health services that mainly affect women. I also see no respect in letting women die under the guise of “protecting life.”

the Tucson Citizen,

The bottomline is that with newly introduced legislation Republicans have declared a war on family planning, a war Planned Parenthood, a war on women’s health services, and a war on women– particularly poor women.

the Hays Free Press,

the Republican Party has stopped using its brain on women’s reproductive health. Instead, it is using its tailbone – or, more precisely, the cartilage connection to it that is the religious right – the tail that wags the dog.

and the Berkeley Daily Planet.

The new Republican House majority had no sooner settled into their offices than they proposed savage restrictions of women’s reproductive rights.

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