Morning Roundup: Pence Loves Title X's Work in "Inner Cities"


The first same-sex fertility center, Arizona Senate passes race and sex-based abortion ban, women still being given as crime compensation in Afghanistan, lawsuit filed over New York's CPC law, and Rep. Mike Pence likes what Title X does for "inner cities."

  • A couple in Birmingham, England, has opened what they call the first same-sex only fertility center. After their struggles in dealing with traditional clinics, and talking with other same-sex couples, they felt many couples would get better advice from an exclusively same-sex center.
  • The Arizona Senate has passed a race and sex abortion ban. In addition to imposing jail terms on doctors that perform abortions based on the race or sex of the fetus, the bill also would penalize those who solicit or accept money to finance the above-mentioned abortions. The House has passed a similar measure, but the bill will go to conference before landing on Governor Jan Brewer’s desk. Brewer has signed every piece of anti-abortion legislation that she’s seen.
  • Human Rights Watch says that although the practice of giving women as compensation for a family member’s crime is mostly illegal in Afghanistan, the law is not enforced. Additionally, the penalty, no more than two years in jail, is hardly just.
  • The Alliance Defense Fund has filed a lawsuit against New York City regarding the recent passage of a law requiring crisis pregnancy centers to post signs stating whether they have medical professionals on staff, provide birth control or prenatal care, or refer for abortions.
  • Rep. Mike Pence (R-IN), hater of Planned Parenthood, recently said in a radio interview, "I've never advocated reducing funding for Title X. Title X clinics do important work in our inner cities. They provide health services for women and children that might not otherwise have access to them." Ok, Title X clinics do important work everywhere in the country, including rural areas, not just “inner cities.” 

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