Morning Roundup: Montana Judge Orders Hysterectomy

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Operation Rescue holds breath, stamps feet about Planned Parenthood funding, Arkansas legislature introduces "fetal pain" bill, will GOP choose budget cuts or denial of women's rights, and a Montana judge orders a hysterectomy against a woman's will.

  • Operation Rescue will be staging a protest in front of Speaker John Boehner’s district office in Ohio today, demanding that Planned Parenthood be defunded.
  • The Arkansas legislature is jumping on the “fetal pain” bandwagon by introducing a bill that would ban abortion after 20 weeks, on the false premise that the “unborn” can feel pain at that time.
  • If faced with the choice between budget cuts, or denying women’s reproductive rights – what will GOP House members decide? It seems they are pretty conflicted on that point. “’That's a problem - and I mean, a real problem,’ said Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan.” The anti-choice Chris Smith, of course, says “he'd vote against any budget that doesn't ‘preserve life.’” But Rep. David Schweikert, a freshman member,  said “he'd vote for a budget that lacks new restrictions on the procedure because current law already bans federal dollars from being used for most abortions.”
  • Imagine you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, and your doctor tells you the best chance for survival is a hysterectomy. You decide against the procedure. Your body, your business, right? Not the case for a Montana woman who was declared incompetent because of her decision and was ordered by a judge to have her uterus removed two days later. The Montana State Supreme Court has stepped in, and allowed a 30-day period for appeal.

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