Morning Roundup: Feinstein Introduces DOMA Repeal


Michigan and Maryland's slew of anti-abortion bills, trends in banning insurance coverage of abortion, Arizona voting on race and sex abortion ban, Bobby Franklin says something crazy, and Sen. Feinstein introduces repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act.

  • Michigan is the latest state to look at banning abortion coverage in insurance plans. Anti-choice activists feel the legislature is willing to advance their agenda, and is also pushing bills that would “change how abortion clinics can dispose of aborted fetuses, ban partial-birth abortions and prohibit minors from seeking a waiver to the parental consent law from a second judge if she's already been denied once.”
  • A Maryland legislator has introduced a personhood bill that is likely to go nowhere, but other bills recently introduced in that state include emergency transportation requirements from abortion clinics, a rule that abortions started in the state of Maryland must be complete there, unless there is an emergency, new reporting requirements of complications from abortion, and requiring clinics to meet the standards of surgical facilities.
  • The Washington Post has a piece on the recent trend of states banning or attempting to ban abortion coverage in insurance exchanges or in all private health plans.
  • The Arizona Senate is voting on a race and sex abortion ban bill today. The bill has already been approved by the House.
  • Georgia state Rep. Bobby Franklin (miscarriage-as-murder investigator, rape victims aren’t victims) posted the following on his Facebook page regarding the air strikes in Libya, “This is nothing but pure evil. How would we like it if other countries launched attacks upon these United States because of our regime’s war against the unborn?”  Seriously, why is this guy in office?
  • Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) has introduced a bill repealing the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). The Obama administration recently announced that it would no longer defend the law because it is unconstitutional.

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