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Understandable or Ridiculous? Hospitals Ban Photos of Births

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If it's your baby, do you have the right to take pictures and videotape upon arrival?

Many hospital across the country are enforcing a new policy restricting photographs of births, which is causing mothers to fight back, according to a New York Times article. Hospitals are banning cameras and cell phones (many with picture-taking functionality) from emergency rooms to ensure the safety and health of patients, along with protecting the privacy of medical staff. But are medical malpractice suits the underlying reason?

We asked our Twitter followers what they thought about hospitals restricting cameras, and a surge of responses immediately fired back -- siding with both the hospital and the mother's side of the argument. Here's what you said ...

@Ehretha as an L&D nurse I agree with the ban- no cameras during the birth

@YUMMommies I say yay. Our hospital was quit to let us know cameras were not allowed during delivery. Sad u can't capture those memories.

@futuremrsdicko i think its rediculas you need to capture them moments there the most vital parts of parenting

@TheMcCaskieClan Ridiculous!as long as its not getting in the way of delivery the baby-why not?They create beautiful memories of a beautiful moment

@ChrisRFretwell I had a mandatory c-section - without the camera, there was lots I would have missed

@lilmommyp I don't think they should be banned I just think there should be rules as to what can and cannot be filmed. Its your time

@LoraandLayton I think it's ridiculous. Our bodies, our babies, our memories to capture! Which is why we set up a hidden camera when I gave birth!

@LRCoyle Disagree. The video of my birth was revolutionary at the time (1982) & I am elated my parents have it altho it's hard to watch.

@WellRoundedMama Lame. It is 100% motivated by malpractice fear. One more reason my next child will be born at home. (That & better food.)

@alccsp childbirth is not a spectator sport; our decision was unless needed medical staff or present at conception = "not birth observer"

@melaniemay79 it should be the family's decision...not the hospital's.

@mommatips Hospitals are protecting themselves by not allowing video, but it should be up to the mommy in labor & no one else!

What do you think about hospitals banning cameras in the emergency room? Tell us in the comments below or tweet us @momlogic.


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