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Morbidly Obese Woman Gets Separated From Husband And Mom After They Fed Her A 7,000 Calorie-A-Day Diet

A morbidly obese woman was separated from her husband and mother after doctors found out that they were feeding her a 7,000 calorie-a-day diet.

Christina, who is 23 years old and 640 pounds, moved from Mississippi to Houston to lose the weight needed in order to get bypass surgery.

But instead of losing weight, she gained 17 pounds in four weeks.

Christina, who was featured TLC’s Tuesday night episode of “My 600-lb. Life,” suggested her weight gain was a result of water retention.

But Dr. Nowzaradan didn’t buy it.

“It’s not water, for that you’ve got to drink at least 300 gallons,” the doctor said on last night’s episode. “You gained weight because you feel comfortable with your eating.”

Her mother admitted on camera that she is a part of the problem. Christina had been eating a diet consisting of pizza, hamburgers and fries, despite being told to cut back on high-in-fat foods.

“You’re right, you’re absolutely right. We’re the ones enabling her to do this,” her mother said. “We haven’t been able to cook proper food.”

In order to gain those 17 pounds in four weeks, Dr. Nowzaradan estimates that Christina would have been consuming 7,000 calories a day.

The doctor then decided to hospitalize Christina so she could lose the needed weight for surgery. She was able to lose 122 pounds under medical supervision, but then returned home and also returned to her bad eating habits.

She lost only 2 pounds in the next month.

at that point, Christina told Nowzaradan she was only eating one meal a day.

“Christina’s not telling me the truth. She’s done very well but this month her weight loss has come to plateau,” he said. “She has to stick with the program. She needs to stay focused and continue with her diet.”

At her heaviest, Christina weighed 678 pounds at the age of 22. At 17, she was over 400 pounds.

Having struggled with her weight at a young age, Christina distanced herself from her friends and got married to her husband Zach. She did not leave her home for four years.

Now, the young woman says she just wants to go to college and have a “normal marriage.”


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