Montana First Looks to Constitutional Amendment for Marijuana

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In what may be the strongest attempt to get full legalization for marijuana, advocates in Montana are pushing for an amendment to the state constitution. The short but powerful statement, if it gets enough signatures, will appear on the November ballot in the state.

Theproposed amendmentwould alter the constitution to read:

“Adults have the right to responsibly purchase, consume, produce, and possess marijuana, subject to reasonable limitations, regulations, and taxation. Except for actions that endanger minors, children, or public safety, no criminal offense or penalty of this state shall apply to such activities.”

The group responsible shouldn’t be taken lightly. Called, “Montana First,” the advocacy group already gathered enough signatures to put another ballot initiative through. That one modifies the existing medical marijuana law to clarify legal supply chains – adding provisions for growing weed, allowing minors to use marijuana infused products and other items. The initiative essentially rewrites existing law.

What happens if the constitutional amendment passes? It would still have to pass a legal hurdle likely to arise: Can a state allow marijuana use for its citizens without colliding with the federal government’s role as regulator?

The answer may lie in whether the marijuana can be keep entirely within Montana and not enter interstate commerce. The issue would probably go the US Supreme Court for a ruling. In a political era where state rights are a hot issue, it would be interesting to see what happens there.

The group has until June 22 to gather enough signatures, and not just any signature will do. According to Montana statute, they will need a minimum set number from each county in the state. To find out more about the progress of the proposed amendment, you can track the progress at their website:Montana First


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