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Monkey Rips Off And Eats Baby's Testicles In Attack At Chinese Zoo

A monkey ripped off and ate a baby’s testicles at a Chinese zoo, one of the many attacks at the zoo where the monkey population has spiked out of control.

The incident occurred as the mother of the 8-month-old baby boy was changing his diaper. The monkey reportedly went up to the baby and tore off his testices, according to the Mail Online.

The animal then dropped the testicles, which were picked up by a man at the zoo. However, the animal grabbed the testicles again before running off and eating them.

The boy is expected to survive the injury.

The population of monkeys at the Guiyang Qianling Wildlife Park in Southwest China has increased dramatically in past years, from about 70 to 500 monkeys.

The zoo claims to feed the monkeys three times a day, and people who come to see the monkeys also feed them too.

The monkeys do not seem to be contained in cages at the park, and attacks by the monkeys are reported to occur regularly.

Source: Mail Online


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