Mom Recounts Terrifying Hospital Ordeal


A woman whose baby was at an Arkansas hospital revealed a shocking story of her child allegedly being taken to another patient's room in the same hospital.

Lory Beth Snyder shared the "terrifying" experience in a Facebook post that has gone on to be shared thousands of times, according to the Independent Journal Review. Lory Beth said her daughter, Lorelai, had been admitted to the NEA Baptist Hospital in Jonesboro, Arkansas, and that the child was abducted while in the hospital.

"Neither of us had slept in quite a while, with all the chaos of a hospital, exams, blood work, and other testing to find out what was wrong with her," said Lory Beth in her Facebook post. "So when I finally got her to rest, I myself laid down as well."

When Lory Beth woke up, she says Lorelai was missing. She said that she had been the only one with Lorelai, and went to find her baby. She said that when she finally found the child, she was shocked to see her in the arms of another patient, surrounded by six or seven nurses, who were laughing and playing with Lorelai.

Lory Beth then said that "Ms. Harris," the woman who had been holding her child, told her to go back to her room to get some rest. Lory Beth insisted that she was fine and took Lorelai back. Harris allegedly followed the mother and daughter back to their room, and had to be removed by nurses. Lory Beth and her daughter were transferred to a unit with security.

Lory Beth said that when she contacted police about the incident, she was told there was nothing they could do because Harris did not appear to intend harm to her child.

KAIT reports that the hospital confirmed that an incident took place, but would not give details on the nature of the incident. A representative for the hospital, Daniel Reed, said the staff act appropriately, following protocol and handling the situation quickly.

"Thank the gods that make baby is safe. We were lucky," Lory Beth concluded in her post. "Many parents do not get as lucky as we have."

Sources: Independent Journal Review, KAIT / Photo credit: KAIT via Independent Journal Review

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