Mom Who Faked Daughters' Health Problems Evades Prison

A Washington state mom who faked her daughters’ health problems and tricked doctors into unnecessarily operating on one of her young children will not face any jail time after pleading guilty to charges against her.

Reports say that 35-year-old Carmen Boyce pleaded guilty to charges of battery after allegedly faking her daughters’ health problems. Boyce reportedly went to strange lengths to convince doctors that her daughters were suffering, including forcing one to throw up when the medical professionals weren’t looking to show them that the young girl couldn’t keep food down.

In addition to making the girl throw up, Boyce allegedly kept her claims up for so long that doctors decided to perform invasive surgery on the girl, who was three years old at the time.

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Ultimately, another patient’s mother reported to authorities that she saw Boyce inducing vomiting from her young daughter, and soon after, the two young girls were taken away from their mother.

For nearly two years since her daughters were removed from her custody and charges were filed against her, Boyce has maintained her innocence and claimed multiple times that she was not faking anything. Still, Boyce pleaded guilty while continuing to deny any wrongdoing; her reason for pleading guilty was because she felt the prosecution had enough evidence against her to convince a jury she was guilty.

As part of the plea deal, Boyce will have to undergo extensive mental health treatment and will not serve any jail time.

Sources: Daily Mail, Seattle PI / Photo Source: Daily Mail


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