Woman Says Officer's Prayer Saved 2-Year-Old Son's Life


A Texas woman is crediting a police officer's roadside prayer for saving her toddler's life.

Two-year-old Michael Aydan has struggled with a life-threatening heart condition since he was a newborn, according to KTRK.

"He had four open heart surgeries by the time he was six months," his mother Jacquelynne Olmedo said. "And the fourth one was a heart transplant."

Recently, while driving to Texas Children's Hospital, Olmedo looked back and saw that Michael was turning purple. Frantic, she drove over to Manuel Edwards, a Harris County police officer who was doing traffic control in the area.

"I know he was right there to help us because if he wasn't there I wouldn't have made it to the hospital with them," said Olmedo, adding, "I can only imagine what he was thinking."

"First all I wanted to do was calm her down a bit," Edwards said.

That's when he took Olmedo's hand and started to pray with her.

"He called for help and then he just grabbed my hand and said that God is with us and this is gonna pass," the young mother said.

Suddenly Michael began to recover.

"The baby started moving around like nothing happened and I really think at that moment [the prayer] really did something," Olmedo explained.

Hours later, Edwards and a fellow officer paid a surprise visit to Michael in the hospital, bringing him toys and balloons.

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Edwards, who lost his 3-month-old granddaughter in 2015, said he was deeply affected by the experience.

"He has his moment where he can smile and do those things but with me I can't see my grand-baby," he said through tears.

Edwards and his partner, Sgt. Gonzalez, plan to keep in touch with Olmedo and witness her son grow up.

"We're always going to be a part of his life one way or another," Gonzalez said.

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On Oct. 3, Olmedo posted on Facebook that Michael has returned home from the hospital and is doing well.

"Guess who got to go home this evening!" she wrote. "He went home with more medications than he went in with, but he's feeling so much better. Thank you everyone for your kind words, messages, visits and most of all prayers."

Sources: KTRK, Prayers for Michael Aydans Miracle Heart/Facebook / Photo credit: Facebook via Daily Mail

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