Mom Warns Others After Toddler Gets Chickenpox (Photos)


After her 11-month-old baby was hospitalized due to chickenpox, one Australian mother is hoping to warn other parents to get their kids vaccinated no matter their age.

Kayley Burke did not vaccinate her child, as Australia recommends the vaccine be given to children over 18 months old, the Daily Express reports.

Yet after uploading Facebook photos (now private) of baby Elijah covered in sores and blisters, many are reconsidering that guideline.

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"Our poor baby boy who is too young to be [immunized] has caught the chickenpox," the caption underneath the photo reads. "It has almost been a week since they showed up. Today he was admitted to Ipswich Hospital with a secondary infection."

While the child has since been discharged, Burke adds a warning to parents: Vaccinate your child or you're "a bloody idi*t."

"Think about the risk you are putting on other helpless kids that are too young or who actually can't be vaccinated," she explains.

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The mother continues, saying that not only was she infected, but her daughter, Kaliah, also contracted chickenpox.

"Adult chickenpox is so horrible and painful I would much rather give birth with no pain relief," she adds.

Since then, thousands have expressed their sympathy.

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"Poor little guy!" one Facebook user wrote. "My hearts breaking for you guys. It's just horrible watching their tiny helpless bodies lying there and not been ale to do anything about it. Thinking of you guys and hoping you all have a quick and speedy recovery."

Another praised Burke for raising awareness.

"If even one more person vaccinates because of this post it'd be a win," the user said. "But you and you family shouldn¹t have to go through this. Man it makes me angry."

Mayo Clinic reports the best way to prevent chickenpox is indeed to get the chickenpox -- also known as varicella -- vaccination. They say it provides complete protection for nearly 98 percent of those who receive it.

Sources: Daily Express, Kayley Burke/FacebookMayo Clinic / Photo credit: Kayley Burke/Facebook via Daily Express

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