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Mom Upset After Son is Vaccinated at School Without Her Permission (Video)

Letisha Huff is upset that the Prospect Elementary School in Meridian, Idaho, gave her child a flu vaccine without her permission.

"These are our children," Huff told KTVB. "This isn't something we should be practicing on them."

Hugg says she is not an anti-vaccine activist, but wants her 8-year-old son to be vaccinated at the doctor's office (video below).

"In the last two years we had [this] one case where a student received the flu mist who had not turned in a consent form," said West Ada School District spokesperson Eric Exline.

Exline claims the vaccinations are a pilot program in Meridian schools that has reduced sick days by 6,000 days over the past two years.

However, parents have to give their permission for their child to be vaccinated.

Earlier this year, Dean Bootsma, a Canadian citizen, told that his 14-year-old daughter was given vaccinations for tetanus, diphtheria and whooping cough without his or his wife's consent.

"The fact that they did this without our knowledge or consent sickens me, sickens me. I've never felt so violated," stated Bootsma.

Bootsma and his wife chose not to vaccinate their kids because of potential adverse reactions.

However, in British Columbia, Canada, where the Bootsma family lives, parents do not need to sign a consent form for children who are 14 or older for vaccinations if a doctor or nurse thinks the teen understands the risks and benefits.

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