Mom Treats Daughter's Seizure With Cannabis Oil (Video)


A dramatic video (below) of an 11-year-old girl having a seizure and being treated by her mom with cannabis oil was uploaded on Facebook on March 6, and had garnered more than 800,000 views in five days.

The video, originally uploaded on YouTube in 2014, shows Cyndimae Meehan having a seizure because she has Dravet syndrome, a form of epilepsy, notes, which uploaded the video on Facebook.

Her mother, Susan Meehan, rubs cannabis oil, a form of medical marijuana, on Cyndimae's lips and gums.

Cyndimae usually has a lack of oxygen during her post-seizure time, so Susan places an oxygen mask over her mouth.

The video later states the Cyndimae's seizure is under control because the cannabis oil has taken effect. She appears to breathe normally without the oxygen mask.

The New Haven Register reported in 2015 that Cyndimae used to have up to 2,000 seizures a day before she started using cannabis oil.

Susan and Cyndimae moved from Montville, Connecticut, to Dixfield, Maine, because of Maine's medical marijuana law, which allows minors to use it.

Before cannabis oil, Cyndimae tried 23 different anti-epileptic drugs, some of which had bad side effects.

Cyndimae also tried a special diet, and underwent a surgical implantation of a vagal-nerve stimulator, which did reduce her seizures by 90 percent, but even that wasn't enough to give the child a normal life.

“She was just losing ground,” Susan recalled. “We were losing her fast."

Susan and Cyndimae moved to Maine, and now live with a medical marijuana caregiver who is able to grow the plant per the state's law. Susan's husband and other three children still live in Connecticut.

Cyndimae drinks a maintenance dose of cannabinoid oil, or THC-A, mixed with coconut oil, but she also takes a “rescue formulation” of “very potent active THC,” according to Susan, who calls it "unbelievable.”

Susan says the rescue dose stops a seizure “within 15 to 20 seconds. It’s pretty phenomenal.”

“She still has some seizures,” Susan added, but she noted that her daughter went from Jan. 21 to Feb. 7, 2015 “with absolutely no seizures, which was a huge run for her.”

Dustin Sulak, Cyndimae’s doctor, said that she is “an incredible case for a lot of reasons: How she’s developed since she’s stopped seizing … It’s like an explosion of health bursting out of her.”

Cyndimae is an unusual case because she does not use CBD, a popular cannabinoid oil used for epileptic victims, but the THC-A oil that she does use is “non-psychoactive so it doesn’t get her stoned at all,” Sulak added.

WARNING: Graphic video

Sources: WeedHorn/Facebook, WeedHorn, New Haven Register / Photo credit: Holistic Health Examiner/YouTube

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