Mom Sues NY Cafe for Breast Feeding Ban


momlogic's Vivian: Once again, breastfeeding is the cause of controversy.

According to the New York Daily News, Julia Acevedo-Taylor has gone litigiously livid because, she says, Lily O'Brien's Chocolate Cafe banned her and her friend from breastfeeding their "hungry and tired" babies.

The ladies were approached mid-lacto by a store manager and ordered to "stop doing that." They politely refused and were told to "leave and never come back." A tearful Acevedo-Taylor left the cafe immediately and now claims she's lost her ability to nurse in public.

Her attorney, Adam Polo, says, "They were being as discreet as possible. It wasn't one of those things where they were wide open. She didn't stop because she knew she was within her rights to do this. There was no nipple showing."

Ironically, a small pink sign at the cafe, which said "Breastfeeding welcome here" and "Beautiful breastfeeding," gave the ladies mixed signals.

When questioned about the incident, Lily's owner, Cathal Queally, says he's "all for breastfeeding" and explained that the manager had merely asked one of the moms to be more discreet in response to a few complaining customers.

It seems there is no end to this argument. Just a few weeks back, my friends launched a heated online debate about whether or not breastfeeding in public was acceptable. One, a mom who breastfed her own two kids, said her pet peeve was women who "whip out a tit no matter where they are, with no regard for other people, because they have a right to breastfeed." Another breastfeeding mom I know countered that breastfeeding was "no big deal" and asked why breastfeeding women should feel compelled to hide "such a normal part of life."

What do you guys think? Breastfeed our babies whenever and wherever they are hungry, or take pains to keep our "girls" under wraps?


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